Welcome to CT K-9’s Grooming Facility

Our facility uses only the finest equipment to meet your pet’s every need. For comfort and safety, we provide separate, nonporous, Stainless Steal housing for each pet during their grooming visit. We use all natural shampoos and products. Each grooming includes brushing, bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and clipping or scissoring to suit your wishes. All breeds of dogs and cats are professionally groomed by our highly trained staff.

Available are the following baths for those with special needs: Skunk Baths for those who have gotten “back to nature”, Medicated Baths to help condition your pet’s dry coat and relieve itchy, scaly skin; Flea and Tick baths to rid your pet of those little pests. All these special baths are an extra cost.

Standing appointments are available for customers desiring to keep their pet in “tip-top” shape all the time. Customers with standing appointments are eligible for 1/2 price grooming every sixth visit. Future appointments are automatically booked in advance. A 48 hour cancellation notification is required.

We require proof of rabies vaccination at the time of your grooming appointment

To schedule an appointment please call us at 860-666-4646